Lavish Lions | NFT Collection


We have a limited supply of 3,333 unique Lions with over 150 different traits.



Minting will begin in April 27th in 3 phases: OG, Whitelist and Public.



The official mint will be on Magic Eden.

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Once Collection 2 is out, you can breed your NFT’s from collection 1 & 2 to create an NFT from collection 3. Collection 3 NFT’s can be sold or be staked, allowing you to earn even more.
Lavish Lions will be creating LavishCoin on a platform chosen by the community. By holding your NFT’s you will get weekly airdrops of $lavish, allowing you to earn over time.
As a reward for staking your NFT’s, you can earn extra $lavish per week. We will also be offering Solana rewards exclusively for stakers.
will be donating to the Lion Guardian Charity. This charity helps lions across the world, teaching different cultures of people how to handle lions and reduce conflict between us and them, allowing for easier co-existence.
We chose the Lion Guardian Charity as their work is scientifically driven and utilises modern solutions to produce more successful outcomes.
Our team is ecstatic to announce that Lavish Lions will be integrating with the Solana metaverses! We will update this section as soon as we have confirmation. Official names and exact dates will also be revealed very soon so keep your eyes peeled!
The process will be simple as the Lions can be very easily integrated into the existing Metaverses because the characters are in very high quality and detail. Our 3D model has already been proven compatible with popular software like Unreal and Blender.
Phase 1 Collection 1 Launch
  • Introduction of utility to benefit holders
  • Launch of $LAVISH token
  • Initiate Staking
  • Lion Guardian Donation
Phase 2 Collection 2 Launch
  • Launch of our 2nd Collection
  • Rewarding Lavish Lions Holders
  • Increase Staking Rewards (2x)
  • Expanding The Charity Scene
Phase 3 Breeding Platform
  • Creation of Exclusive Lionet collection only obtained by breeding or secondary market
  • Rewarding Lavish Holders
  • 5x staking rewards(Lionet)
  • initiating LavishDAO
Phase 4 Metaverse
  • Development of the Lavish Club
  • completion of 3D models
  • Expanding use cases for $Lavish
  • Roadmap V2
When is the mint day?

Our mint date is 27th of April.

Have a look at our Whitelist-info channel in discord for 10 ways to be whitelisted!

We're launching on the Solana Blockchain.

Mint price will be confirmed soon.

There will be exactly 3,333 Lavish Lions.

We will have an instruction video soon that will show you exactly how to mint one of our Lavish Lions.